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August 31, 2023

Revelo Pricing: Insights into Costs and Charges

Regrettably, Revelo's website does not unveil their pricing and profit margins. Nonetheless, driven by transparency, Teilur firmly believes that comprehending the balance between client payment and developer compensation is pivotal. In this article, we delve into Revelo's pricing framework, shedding light on how Teilur's transparent model stands as a compelling alternative for those seeking a partner in global tech recruitment.

Revelo Pricing Transparency

Navigating through Revelo's official webpage, you'll find an interesting tool: a remote engineering team cost calculator. A proposition that holds allure, indeed. Yet, delving further into its usage, you encounter a requisition, the provision of your business email. Subsequently, this action unveils cost-related insights, accompanied by a caveat of receiving promotional content, potentially giving rise to future unease should you choose not to proceed with their hiring process.

Revelo cost for companies in the U.S.

In our pursuit to comprehend the fees charged by Revelo to its clients, we embarked on an investigation across various review platforms. Among these, we encountered G2, where a Revelo client seemingly shared their experience, revealing a flat fee of 30%. Additionally, on EarlyNode's website, we stumbled upon a succinct breakdown of Revelo's pros and cons, as depicted below:

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According to EarlyNode review, Revelo's charges range from $50 to $70 per hour, accompanied by a non-refundable flat fee of $500 to initiate collaboration. These insights provide a snapshot of their hiring processes, which we present for your consideration.

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Our thoughts on the pricing structure of Revelo

Notably, Revelo garners positive reviews from both clients and developers. However, the lack of accessible pricing data, disclosing both Revelo's charge and the developer's share, underscores the significance of transparent pricing for clients. Transparency instills confidence and fosters informed decisions for businesses. Our stance is that if Revelo indeed charges $50 to $70 per hour, which translates to a substantial annual range of $102,000 to $140,000, at least 80%, it should directly benefit the candidate.

Based on our understanding, this cost range is at the higher end of the market. In order to provide clarity, we've compiled a table to assist hiring managers in navigating Latin America's pricing landscape. Our model ensures that a Senior Developer's annual earning of around $80,000 is by at least 80% directly benefiting the developer that is serving the client.

Teilur Pricing

The table above includes all fees; at Teilur, at least 80% of the payment goes to the candidate. Based on our pricing structure, a Sr. Developer should be around the $80,000/yr mark, with at least 80% of that going directly to the developer supporting the client.

We’ve put together a table that helps hiring managers navigate through what we believe a client should be paying based on what we encounter in terms of pricing in the Latin American market.

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