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April 10, 2023

Turing Pricing, How Much Do They Charge Clients?

Teilur understands the hidden costs of non-transparent pricing when hiring remote employees. With the knowledge we have built over the years in the American market and Latin America workers, Teilur offers cost-effective solutions and fair salaries, with more than 80% of the payment going directly to the worker - one of the highest percentages in the industry.

While searching salaries and costs in the industry we found out that, unfortunately, some companies like Turing do not disclose this information, which is crucial for building trust between employer and employee.


We have conducted research and estimated the potential costs of working with Turing based on reviews, market value, and our own interpretation of fair pricing for all parties involved: your company, the developer, and the hiring agency. In this article, we attempt to examine Turing's pricing model and compare it to that of Teilur, an alternative that could be a great option for companies looking to hire international tech talent. 

Turing’s pricing model


Developers at Turing are given the opportunity to choose a pay range. However, they are not told how much the client will be charged in the end. Developers are advised by Turing'sexperts on how much to ask for in order to find job opportunities, yet this value is given so that Turing can later add their fees to the final price. Candidates take this advice into account when they give their estimate, without knowing what the final charge to the company will be.  

We have reviewed various sources like ziprecruiter,, simply hired, where developers reveal how much they are being paid: an average of  $56.911/yr.

While the average salary of $56,911 per year for developers includes a wide range of experience levels, from tech sales representatives with one year of experience to senior software engineers with 15+ years of experience, we're  focusing on Turing's average compensation for a Full-Stack Developer.

Based on our research, we found the salary range for this position at Turing to be between $15,000 and $45,000 per year.


At Teilur, we believe that a yearly salary for a Full-Stack Developer should be between $48.000/yr and $78,000/yr. This includes our 20% fee and the rest of the payment (80%) goes directly to our talent.

Our thoughts on Turing's pricing structure  

Transparency in pricing is important for both parties when it comes to hiring remote developers. It ensures that the work expected by the client is aligned with the payment expected by the developer. If the developer is receiving way less and the client paying a lot more the exchange is going to generate friction to both parties. Even though the salaries are high compared to local ones, with the increasing number of companies seeking remote workers, developers want to feel that they are being fairly compensated.


We have come across reviews that discuss the problems caused by the lack of transparency in pricing. For instance, a developer shared their unfortunate experience of discovering how Turing was charging after being hired:


This review by an ex-employee on Sitejabber explains how they discovered that Turing was taking a significant portion of the payment, up to 55%—even more than what the developer was receiving. After taxes, the developer was only receiving around 35%-40%, while Turing was keeping around 50%.

What matters to you?

In the end, what matters is what you're looking for as a client. At Teilur, we believe that transparency is key to avoiding any unnecessary headaches. That's why we maintain complete transparency from the beginning, outlining our 20% fee and our commitment to paying our developers one of the highest percentages in the market, around 80%. You can find our pricing on our website. If you're considering choosing between Teilur and Turing, visit our website for more information.