Invest in the tech education of LATAM talent

Invest in the development of tech talent through NFTs. 
Make a profit when talent gets hired. 

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ESG Investment

How investing in LATAM talent works

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Contracts backed by Talent

Unprecented potential

A $2k investment in Latin American talent can transform their salary from $300 to $3k a month.

True ESG investing

The value of contracts is tied to the development of human capital and progress in society

NFTs backed by real value

NFTs are backed by a candidate's share of potential earnings in a data or software development career.

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Ending inequality

How investing in tech talent works

Teilur created the world's first ecosystem to invest LATAN talent. The concept is simple; ESG NFTs are employed to finance the training in technology of talent in developing nations.


With as little as $20, ESG investors fund the training of talent pools and get a return when the talent starts working in the technology they were trained in.


You can think OpenSea or Rarible, but instead of NFT values being backed by art or digital collectibles, the value of these ESG NFTs is derived from talent's potential future earnings depending on the skills they develop in the technology space.


In other words, investors get a potential profit by investing in the education of people.

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