March 3, 2023

Tech Talent Pools in Latin America

Teilur has a diverse group of talent pools from which companies can recruit staff members who align with their values, mission, and vision, just like if recruiters hired them locally. While most agencies charge mark-ups of 100%+ on top of a candidate's salary, Teilur never charges more than 25%.

To help align with your company's core values, Teilur's candidates are bilingual and based in Latin America. Their 40 hour workweek overlaps 100% with time zones from California to New York, helping startups build an ideal team culture that strengthens the organization's workflow. Here are some of the proficiencies required for each tech position at Teilur:

                                                Data Analysts

Data analysts have experience as a BI analyst or similar role, strong knowledge in SQL and Tableau, and highly analytical and quantitative thinking, with strong attention to detail. The ability to communicate complex ideas effectively is also essential, and they must be proactive in taking ownership of projects and issues. Also, the capability to manage several projects and areas is critical to working as a data analyst. It's optional to have a bachelor's degree in computer science, engineering, statistics, economics, or quantitative-focused studies.

                                                Data Scientists

Data scientists must think critically, look at the bigger picture, and spot what is missing by taking advantage of business insights to deliver improvements. Professional experience in data science is fundamental, focused on exploratory data analysis, testing of hypotheses, and building of predictive models. Proficiency in Python is also required, as is proven experience with popular ML (Machine learning) packages.

                                             Digital Marketers

Digital marketers serve as the analytical mind and the top of marketing initiatives by finding insights and new angles to improve marketing performance. They have direct contact with clients, and they perform advanced analysis and statistical modeling to achieve the company's objectives. It is essential for digital marketers to formulate initiatives and be creative with analytics, optimization, and data. Ideal marketers advise on tracking and attribution across multiple platforms.

                                             Growth Hackers

Growth hackers must have solid project management skills and the ability to work and collaborate with cross-functional partners. Is required for them to have community management experience and great attention to detail. They are familiar with different content management systems and social and digital analytics tools. They perform as multitaskers and team players and are passionate about the digital world.

                                           Product Managers

Product managers work cross-functionally with key stakeholders across Marketing, Product, Sales, Customer Success, Community, and Business Development to drive product adoption with target audiences. They develop precise positioning and messaging for critical features and audiences. Also, a PM represents the voice of the customer and demonstrates a broad understanding of visual collaboration and the competitive landscape. It's crucial for them to deliver results in an ambiguous, rapidly changing environment.

                                                QA Engineers

QA engineers are in charge of planning, coordinating, and executing activities related to testing systems and applications developed by product teams. They review and analyze system specifications and user stories to contribute to the overall testing strategy and approach. It's vital for them to execute test scripts and review results while working with developers and product managers to solve any issues.

                                       JavaScript Developers

JavaScript developers have experience developing JavaScript applications, libraries, or components, with experience in React JS and Angular. It is imperative to know jQuery, Prototype, YUI, or other libraries and be able to develop modules and extensions for them. An excellent candidate has practical experience in HTML/CSS and JavaScript Unit Testing.

                                         Frontend Developers

Frontend developers implement frontend UI changes using Liquid, Javascript, HTML, and CSS. They also work with the SEO team leader to implement time-saving on-page SEO content. An example would be generating internal website links by developing code/process using Liquid and Javascript. It's essential to build and integrate new site layouts from UI provided by the design team and optimize on-site rendering speed, javascript, and liquid execution times.

                                            SEO Specialists

SEO specialists have proficiency in using SEO research platforms, web crawling tools, and analytics tools. Examples include SEMRush, Ahrefs, Conductor, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Screaming Frog, DeepCrawl, and similar means. They have experience with local SEO tools, including GoogleMyBusiness and local management platforms, and proficiency in CMS platforms like WordPress. An excellent candidate will demonstrate practical verbal and written communication skills to provide information to internal partners, vendors, senior management, and staff.

If you're a CEO or Founder of an innovative startup that is looking for great tech talent, Teilur is the right solution for you!

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