March 20, 2023

BairesDev Pricing: How much do they charge clients?

Unfortunately, BairesDev does not disclose their costs or margins on their website, which could be due to the complexity of building remote teams. However, as an end-to-end solution committed to transparency, Teilur believes it is critical to understand how much a client pays and how much a developer keeps from that payment. In this article, we attempt to examine BairesDev's pricing structure and provide insights on how Teilur's transparent pricing model can be a great alternative for companies seeking a partner in international tech recruiting.

             BairesDev cost for companies in the U.S.

While we could not find where BairesDev specifically outlines their cost structure, we found that provides some information that can give you a rough idea of what you can expect to pay depending on the size of your organization and type of talent you are looking for. 

The summary we found concludes that BairesDev costs on average $50 - $99 per hour. For a full-time candidate this would translate to $98,000/yr on the low end and to $190,000/yr on the high end. 

After looking in detail through dozens of reviews for some pricing information, we found a review from a client that provides insight into how much BairesDev may charge your organization.

                                     SmartObjx pricing review:

IFirst, we'll be examining the review of Russ McClelland. Upon a brief search on LinkedIn, it appears that he is affiliated with smartObjx, a company that specializes in developing cloud-based infrastructure services and software components.

According to the review, the cost for a 1-year engagement for two Senior Developers ranges from $200k to nearly $1M. The review also notes that the developers were sourced from Central and South America. Based on this information, our deductions are:

  • The client paid each Sr. Developer at least $100,000/yr. This is on the low end of the estimation, and it is possible the client paid even more. 
  • It is not possible to identify how much of this payment went to the candidate hired by the client. 
  • The candidates were likely Sr. DevOps engineers with expertise in Azure. 
  • At Teilur, we estimate that for a Sr. DevOps engineer with expertise in Azure, a reasonable price tag would be $85,000/yr with at least $68,000/yr going to the engineer hired.

Our thoughts on the pricing structure of BairesDev

It is important to mention that BairesDev had many positive reviews on However, given it was not possible for us to find details about  how much of what a client pays ultimately goes to a candidate, we believe clients looking for transparent and straightforward pricing may want to look at other alternatives. 

Our opinion is that if they are charging a client at least $98,000/yr for a developer, they should at the very least be giving $78,000/yr to the candidate. 

Based on Teilur’s experience the fee they are charging is on the high end of what a client could find through a partner like Teilur. 

We’ve put together a table that helps hiring managers navigate through what we believe a client should be paying based on what we encounter in terms of pricing in the Latin American market. 

The table above includes all fees, and at Teilur, at least 80% of the payment goes to the candidate. Based on our pricing structure, a Sr. Developer should be around the $80,000/yr mark with at least 80% of that going directly to the developer supporting the client.