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Latin America's talent potential unlocked

Teilur is the world's first talent development network connecting U.S. tech startups & remote developers from Latin America.

Our services

What do we do?

Hire Developers

Hire full-time remote developers, fast!  Salaries start at $3k/month.

Remote Careers

Want a tech career in the U.S?

Submit your resume, we do the rest!

ESG Investors

Invest in talent development through NFTs. Profit when they get hired.

Our partners

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"Teilur has given me a great professional challenge. It makes me feel like I can create impact by taking ownership of the projects I work at."

Angel Ceniceros
QA Engineer @ Dotdash

About us

Our business model

When COVID-19 hit, a new era of remote work was born, and our founders identified a colossal arbitrage opportunity as they moved out of Silicon Valley. 

What if tech companies could save more than 60% in salaries while hiring excellent talent in their same time zone?

And what if we could bring Latin American professionals the opportunity to work remotely with salaries 2x to 4x higher than what they earn locally? 

That's what Teilur brings to the table. 

Business Video Call
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