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Hire remote QA testers,
QA engineers & QA analysts

Hire remote QA professionals in U.S. time zones, fast!
Salaries start at $3k/month for full-time candidates.

Our partners

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Our talent

Jorge G.

QA Engineer

  • +5 years of experience

  • Test Automation

  • QA Assurance

  • Agile Software Development

Rayffer J.

QA Analyst

  • +6 years of experience

  • Agile Methodologies

  • SQL, Jira & Confluence

  • QC Testing

Fanny C.

QA Engineer

  • +3 years of experience

  • Agile Methodologies

  • Selenium, Java & Cypress

  • Jira Migrations

Luis G.

QA Automation Engineer

  • +10 years of experience

  • Agile Methodologies

  • Selenium, Java & Cypress

  • Jira Migrations

Why Teilur?

Engineers & developers

QA Automation


Our talent is proficient in:

  • Automated functional tests using Java and Selenium.

  • API automation with Rest-Assured.

  • Cloud-based development practices with AWS (Amazon Web Services) and GCP (Google Cloud Platform).

  • Experience in container-native technologies like Docker.

  • Backend testing: Integration or Unit testing.


Analysts & testers

QA Manual


Analysts and testers proficient in:

  • Testing complex, headless, and web applications.

  • Chrome Dev and Firebug

  • Multiple testing methodologies

  • Code analysis

  • Bug tracking tools like JIRA.

An end-to-end solution

Access our proprietary network of talent

Benefit from our pre-vetted network of over 200 QA testers, QA engineers, and QA analysts in your time zone. Their salaries start at 3k/month.


We take care of recruiting, payroll, and international contract compliance. Your only job is to interview our candidates and pick the one that best fits your company's culture and long-term goals.


Team loyalty

Hire and retain the best talent

You no longer have to worry about your best team members leaving you after getting a FAANG offer. Our candidates get 2x to 3x better salaries than what tech companies pay locally. 

You can now hire great talent at competitive rates, allowing you to retain highly motivated and loyal team members. 

Experts in all programming skills






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