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September 13, 2023

UpWork alternative for hiring remote Latin American developers

UpWork alternative for hiring remote Latin American developers

You want the best when it comes to employing remote workers. UpWork is a well-known platform, while Teilur provides more transparency and individualized service. We focus on finding the best software engineers in Latin America, offering a particular substitute for businesses looking for the appropriate employee without the commitment of conventional employment.

UpWork Vs. Teilur

UpWork enables you to purchase pre-planned jobs from a broad pool or engage independent contractors by the hour. On the other hand, Teilur is dedicated to providing top talent from Latin America and makes use of individualized candidate selection with AI technologies.

Transparent fair pricing

Depending on the length of the job, UpWork charges a 10% fee on freelancer or agency revenues. job rates range from $25 to $200, with a typical turnaround time of three days. It is challenging to assess market competitiveness, nevertheless, because they don't offer transparent pricing for acquiring employees each month.


At Teilur, we base our pricing on a per-candidate model, guaranteeing that applicants get at least 80% of the money, giving you peace of mind that the talent you employ will receive the majority of your investment. We also have a thorough pricing structure that is based on the last offer that our applicant accepted.

Team focused, not client focused

UpWork provides pre-defined projects in which you pay, submit requirements, and wait for the outcomes. This method does not include interviews, alignment with a company's mission and vision, or any type of matchmaking, which may result in generic work. Our methodology at Teilur is different. Our developers become essential team members, sharing your company's goals and values as if they were local recruits, generating a strong dedication to the success of your project.

The right candidate for your team

Teilur's candidates are not assigned at random; they are specifically hired for the function you require. We make certain that prospects meet your interview requirements and practices. For example, if you need a QA engineer, Teilur matches you with pre-vetted applicants who match your technical criteria, experience, and salary expectations, all while sharing your enthusiasm for your firm.

Similarities and differences between UpWork and Teilur

When do you recommend my company choose UpWork vs. Teilur?

Teilur specializes in sourcing top tech talent from Latin America and does not hire outside of the region. UpWork may be a better option if your firm requires talent from various areas or time zones.

UpWork handles payroll, compliance and recruiting. How about Teilur?

Teilur provides a complete solution for payroll, compliance, and recruiting. We manage the hiring process, onboarding, and remote team management in Latin America, while most clients simply pay our Delaware-based company via ACH. This allows you to concentrate on business growth while we handle the administrative responsibilities associated with remote talent hiring.

What would you say are the top benefits of working with Teilur compared to UpWork?

Teilur's transparent pricing model is a big advantage because it ensures that talent receives at least 80% of your payment, providing fair recompense for their labor. We prioritize bespoke matches for each role, selecting candidates specifically for your needs and encouraging higher engagement and retention with your remote staff.

We give you the ability to interview and evaluate candidates before they join your team, giving you a sense of control over the hiring process. Furthermore, our end-to-end technology manages payroll, compliance, and recruiting smoothly, expediting our clients' hiring process.

Discover Teilur as an excellent UpWork alternative for top remote Latin American developers.