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August 23, 2023

Transparent and Cost-Effective Alternative to Revelo for Hiring LATAM Developers

In the ever-evolving landscape of remote hiring, businesses seek efficient and reliable alternatives to meet their talent needs. If you've been considering Revelo but are looking for more transparent, cost-effective solutions, let us introduce you to Teilur. Leveraging advanced AI technology, Teilur stands out as the ideal alternative for hiring remote Latin American developers.

Revelo Vs. Teilur

When drawing a comparison between Revelo and Teilur, the distinctions become evident in their core values and approach to remote tech talent acquisition. While both platforms offer solutions for hiring remote developers, Teilur sets itself apart by emphasizing transparency, personalized candidate selection using AI technology, and a commitment to delivering exceptional talents from Latin America.

Transparent Fair Pricing

At the heart of Teilur's appeal is its transparent pricing model. Unlike Revelo, Teilur guarantees that candidates receive 80% of the payment while retaining only 20%. This commitment to fair compensation resonates with candidates, fostering engagement and loyalty.

The Right Candidate for Your Team

Teilur recognizes that a successful hire goes beyond technical skills. Their multi-layered candidate selection process, powered by AI technology, assesses not only technical competence but also soft skills, cultural fit, and English language proficiency. This meticulous approach ensures that only suitable candidates who align with your company's values and mission become part of your team.

Revelo Handles Payroll, Compliance, and Recruiting. How About Teilur?

Teilur provides an end-to-end solution, seamlessly handling payroll, compliance, and recruiting. It allows you to focus on your core business while Teilur manages the administrative aspects of remote hiring.

What Would You Say Are the Top Benefits of Working with Teilur Compared to Revelo?

Teilur's unique benefits, now backed by AI technology, lie in its transparent pricing model, thorough candidate selection process, and tailored fit for each role. This commitment to transparency and personalized service creates a win-win scenario for both: Clients and candidates.

How Can You Make Sure That the Quality of Teilur’s Talent Competes with Revelo's?

Teilur's fair compensation model, personalized hiring process, AI-driven candidate selection, and focus on cultural fit ensure that you not only attract but retain top-tier talent. All this, combined with their commitment to nurturing startups, sets them up as a strong contender in remote hiring.

In your journey to hire remote Latin American developers, Teilur emerges as a top alternative to Revelo. With the power of AI technology, transparent pricing, a dedicated selection process, and no contracts to start hiring, Teilur ensures that your team is equipped with the best-fit tech talent to drive your business forward. Ready to experience transparent and cost-effective hiring? Start the process with Teilur today, harnessing the potential of AI to find the right talent for your team. Let's chat!

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