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August 18, 2023

Globant Pricing: What's the Real Cost for Clients?

Clear pricing is critical for firms looking for sustainable collaborations in the unpredictable world of remote tech talent acquisition. This article will go into the world of pricing transparency at Globant. We will examine the impact of cost on the decision to work with a remote development partner, as well as the accessible pricing details displayed on Globant's official platform.

Globant Pricing Transparency

Globant, a prominent figure in the tech industry, offers a wide variety of solutions catering to businesses of varied scales. A visit to Globant's website reveals a conspicuous absence - no explicit mention of their pricing structure. Despite their extensive portfolio of technology and innovation services, their pricing is still a mystery. To access this information, one must complete a form, a process requiring time and availability, for a disclosure that arguably should be readily accessible.

Globant's Costs for US Companies

 In our search for pricing insights, we came across popular review platforms such as Clutch. Even so, discerning Globant's pricing must still be discovered. The only information provided is a broad range of $25 to $49 per hour, leaving much to interpretation.

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Globant's Review

Further investigation on platforms like Zippia uncovers intriguing data: a reported average annual salary of $108,153 for a US-based Globant developer, translating to a $52/hr rate. Meanwhile, entry-level roles register at approximately $72,000/yr. In contrast, Teilur emerges as a beacon of clarity, openly displaying an average yearly income of $80,000/yr for a seasoned developer with over four years of experience and an average salary for an entry-level of $24,000/yr.

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Globant Salary Estimate

Our thoughts on the pricing structure of Globant

In comparison to Globant's pricing strategy, Teilur distinguishes out for its commitment to transparency. Our website acts as proof, providing a detailed pricing structure that demystifies the payment route between the organization and the candidate. 80% of the payment goes directly to the candidate, demonstrating our commitment to equity and fair compensation. 

Teilur's price structure is in line with a competitive market adapted to the Latin American market. A senior developer's annual wage, for example, averages $80,000 per year, with at least 80% of that allocation going directly to the supporting developer. This transparency provides firms with the ability to make informed decisions and understand cost allocation.

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Teilur's Pricing

Transparency is essential in the development of distant tech talent relationships. While Globant's unclear pricing structure raises concerns, Teilur is a model of transparency, encouraging confidence and collaboration. Understanding pricing complexity ensures a strategic way forward where clarity informs decisions and cultivates long-term partnerships as the digital sphere evolves.

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