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Get a career in the U.S.
Live in Latin America

Apply to one of our open roles and jumpstart a career in the U.S. without leaving your home country.

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Career development

Why Teilur?

Open roles

Get a real remote career in the U.S.

With Teilur, you are not joining a company as a freelancer or "outsourced" talent.

You join a team so you can support their mission, culture, and values, just like if you lived there.


Career development

Can't find the right role? Don't worry!

We specialize in coaching, advising, and training candidates so that you can obtain the right tech role in the U.S. 

Apply to one of our next frontier career development programs and we'll guide you through the process end-to-end. The best part? No upfront cost to you. 

"Teilur has given me a great professional challenge. It makes me feel like I can create impact by taking ownership of the projects I work at."

Angel Ceniceros

QA Engineer @ Dotdash

How are we unique?

Teilur was founded by Silicon Valley executives originally from Latin America. We are uniquely positioned because:

1. We understand what tech companies need when looking for the right team members to join their venture.


2. Thanks to our unique background and network in the region we know how to find, recruit and hire the best candidates in Latin America.

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