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Become a
Teilur Partner

Earn $400 per start-up or company you refer!

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How to apply?

Get started today

1. Sign up

Submit your information

and join today.

2. Share and refer

Become a Teilur affiliate and refer companies.

3. Monetize!

Earn $300 - $400

for every closed deal.


Why partner with Teilur?

Everyone wins

We're committed to your success

Teilur is fully transparent regarding the terms and conditions you need to follow to become an affiliate because it's a win-win scenario.


The process is simple and you don't need to be a current client of Teilur to become an affiliate. However, the more familiar you are with Teilur, the easier it will be to promote it.


Disrupting the industry

A company that

sells itself

Teilur is a fast-growing startup that created the world's first network of ESG NFTs. We are changing our society forever in Latin America, and you can be part of it. 


We went from $0 to $35k MRR in less than 6 months! Therefore, Teilur's powerful brand does all your heavy lifting. You just need to share what we do and we'll make sure to reward you!

More affiliates, more money

The sky’s the limit!

There's no limit for every affiliate that you refer. You're allowed to make the most referrals possible and invite them to be part of Teilur.


Once a business that you referred closes a deal with us, you'll earn between $300 and $400!


How are we unique?

Teilur was founded by Silicon Valley executives originally from Latin America. We are uniquely positioned because:

1. We understand what tech companies need when looking for the right team members to join their venture.


2. Thanks to our unique background and network in the region we know how to find, recruit and hire the best candidates in Latin America.

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